As we change, the world of your travels and opportunities changes

As we change, the world of your travels and opportunities changes

As we approach our anniversary year, the Club is on the verge of fully launching and establishing an international presence, i.e., developing organically within the international agenda and developments, both in terms of the international team and club members. Affluence's first international office is about to open in Dubai.

Finally, in collaboration with our title partner Firmato, we have realized the first real estate digest. The first edition included exclusive lots of the partner in the UAE, but the geography of the digest will expand and the next editions will include lots of the partner in Russia and Turkey.

November and its results as part of the #Affluence_expedition:


One of our favourites - Grand Hotel Europe, Restaurants and Clubs: Duo Asia, Betulla, Big Wine Freaks, Royal Neva (all in St Petersburg).

Historia Restaurant, Perfumist Bar, Noodome Club - just an incredible place, you still have to get into the club, I just decided to join (all in Moscow).

Hyatt Hotel, restaurants and bars Tribu, Self Edge Japanese, Berloga, Forest. Yeltsin - Centre, the fantastic UMMC Museum (Europe's largest private museum), Ganina Yama (Ganya's Pit), the history of the Romanov family and much more. I’m incredibly impressed with Ekaterinburg and the region, and will certainly revisit soon!


Presentation of The Lana Hotel (Dorchester Collection), which will open in Business Bay in early February 2024.

Restaurants: Duo (breakfasts are also excellent), Alici, Reif.

Concert: Ruki Vverh! (Coca-Cola Arena).

A number of events, including closed ones - traditional (Dubai).

In December we wait for:

Kislovodsk and Essentuki, the first big expedition to Qatar and a number of exclusive events, the Spears anniversary award in Moscow (we’re the winners of the Spears 2019 award as Concierge Service of the Year, in subsequent years there was no such nomination). On 21 December 2023 will be the Club's corporate event in Moscow. A number of plans, as always, are TBA.

Thank you for your loyalty to our travel and concierge club (Affluence concierge service. Moscow. Dubai. The whole world).