About us

Welcome to the exclusive world of Affluence! Over the years, we have meticulously crafted a truly extensive portfolio of successfully solved challenges and seemingly impossible requests that we can genuinely take pride in. If one were to compile all the unique travel itineraries crafted by our team of concierges for club members into a comprehensive narrative, it would result in a captivating novel reminiscent of Jules Verne. We adhere to an individualized approach, prioritize promptness, and collaborate with trusted partners worldwide, securing exceptional locations for you under the best conditions while scripting scenarios for events important to you, taking every detail into account. We value your time and strive to relieve you of complex decisions, even when the deadlines are so tight that you may doubt the feasibility of accomplishing anything. Our team is not only capable of fulfilling intricate requests but also adept at freeing you from significant routine tasks, caring not only for your comfort but also that of your family. Trust us, and we will create a unique, worry-free experience filled with unforgettable impressions for you.

Mikhail Gusev