Clients and partners

Michail Galustyan - Russian showman, comedian, theater, movie, television and dubbing comedian, singer, producer and screenwriter.

There are companies whose service is pleasure to have. Their service frees time for your loved ones and the level of this service allows forgetting about excessive details. It is unclear how they manage to do it. An amazing company that has not lost its DNA since the moment of its foundation. Always expertise, always attention, always result. Amazing team. Thank you for your work. Never look back!

Andrey Iskornev, plastic surgeon, Chief Doctor of The Platinental

While working with the most successful and, thus, demanding clients, we at The Platinental know firsthand about the importance of the details and the precision in performing a task. I seemed that in the 21st century we should be able to book a trip online and get any sort of information ourselves. But in fact the organization of something special and at affordable prices requires a lot of time, which busy people simply do not have. This is how my friendship with the guys from Affluence started. You just delegate a difficult task and continue with your business, knowing that the result will be 100%. Having tried a lot of things, we obviously want to open the doors to a place without access from the street. Whether it is about a unique hotel, an always fully booked restaurant or tickets for a private event. Affluence knows how to provide unforgettable experiences.

Kamil Gadzhiev, President of Fight nights global.

Partnership, creativity, friendship and development of each other in this partnership. The whole Affluence team is professionals who always fulfill their promises. I believe in further fruitful cooperation.

Rushaniya Yagudina (Royal Club Lotte Hotel).

Partnership is of great importance for business development. As the saying goes, if you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together. Partnership begins with trust, with the first case you entrust your partner, and this is nothing less than that reputation. For me, no potential benefit from a deal can outweigh the reputation of a future partner. That is why I chose Affluence. And I am becoming more convinced in the correctness of my decision with each new interaction. Reliability, precision and sincerity are the most important indicators for me.

Konstantin Efimov, CEO of INDEVER.

For me, as a businessman, it is important to clearly know the experience and unconscious thinking of a team or a specific person whom I trust, as well as to be sure of their honesty and decency. In the case of Affluence, I am confident in all of the above qualities. They cover countless needs and tasks and give concrete results.

Evgeniya Fomina, основатель  FOrMe Agency

Дорогие Affluence! Большая удача встретить на рынке таких надежных партнеров как вы! Хочу поблагодарить вас за профессионализм, стремительную реакцию на любой запрос, готовность помочь в самых сложных и порой нерешимых вопросах, и красивый и оптимистичный подход в отношении любой задачи! В эпоху бесконечных изменений так важно быть не только гибкими и эффективными, но и по-настоящему увлеченными своим делом. Вы именно такие! Продолжайте дарить своим клиентам незабываемые впечатления и создавать мечты, которые вы умеете воплощать лучше, чем кто-либо!