Clients and partners

Andrey Iskornev, plastic surgeon, Chief Doctor of The Platinental

While working with the most successful and, thus, demanding clients, we at The Platinental know firsthand about the importance of the details and the precision in performing a task. I seemed that in the 21st century we should be able to book a trip online and get any sort of information ourselves. But in fact the organization of something special and at affordable prices requires a lot of time, which busy people simply do not have. This is how my friendship with the guys from Affluence started. You just delegate a difficult task and continue with your business, knowing that the result will be 100%. Having tried a lot of things, we obviously want to open the doors to a place without access from the street. Whether it is about a unique hotel, an always fully booked restaurant or tickets for a private event. Affluence knows how to provide unforgettable experiences.

Mila Zhurova, founder of Mila Zhurova Concept Agency and the

The luxury for me is a special inner culture of a person that allows the same to choose the best from what has been created by the humankind during its existence. Therefore, having founded the "21st Century Heirs. Version 3.0" club for people who know almost everything about luxury in this context, I am glad to start cooperating with Affluence: the ability of its team to solve almost impossible tasks is accompanied by high reputational stability. In 2021, my team will release the club magazine “21st Century Heirs”. It is an honor for me to choose Affluence Private Concierge Club as a partner in this project that will enable the members of the “21st Century Heirs” club to entrust them with solution of all daily and more complicated tasks. Efficiency, individual approach and absolute confidentiality are guaranteed by the high status and professionalism of Affluence.

Emin Antonyan, CEO of ESforce Holding. ( Group) Club member.

On behalf of ESforce Holding and on my own behalf, I express my gratitude to Affluence and its managing partner Mikhail Gusev. Thanks to the excellent work of the company, both business and personal trips become more efficient and comfortable. Affluence team pay attention to details, efficiency and financial transparency of any expenses. We have been using services of the company for several years and can recommend it to customers.

Oksana Gradova, hotelier, General Manager of Baikal Residence.

For a long time, the most demanding guests trust them with their flights, vacations and inquiries. And I am happy to help them fulfill. If someone doubts who will fulfill the most impossible wish list - do not hesitate. This is Affluence. They just take and do. As soon as possible and with the highest quality. Thank you so much for the fact that in your vocabulary there are no words “We don’t know,” “We cannot.” Shake your hand!

Konstantin Efimov, CEO of INDEVER.

For me, as a businessman, it is important to clearly know the experience and unconscious thinking of a team or a specific person whom I trust, as well as to be sure of their honesty and decency. In the case of Affluence, I am confident in all of the above qualities. They cover countless needs and tasks and give concrete results.

Kristina Muzychenko. Head of Middle East, Russia and CIS, International Marketing & Luxury Development, El Corte Ingles.

"Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing to add, but when there is nothing to remove."- Antoine De Saint-Exupery Simple, effective and soulful. Real professionals in their field, thanks to their creativity, who able to make innovative and effective decisions, which is priceless both for partners and customers of the company.

Kamil Gadzhiev, President of Fight nights global.

Partnership, creativity, friendship and development of each other in this partnership. The whole Affluence team is professionals who always fulfill their promises. I believe in further fruitful cooperation.

Pierre Fraineau, CEO and cofounder Ed Group.

With VIP curated service, diligent and highly skilled staff, Affluence Concierge Club is definitely the service you need. Lifestyle benefits, luxury experiences and executive-oriented dedication. Nothing they can't do and everything is just for you.

Oksana Malook and the Kings & Parrots Team.

We are endlessly pleased with our warm partnership with Affluence, we are pleased to note their steady growth and success in the market. And, yes, we understand that every task that Affluence employees face is complex and, at the same time, interesting, which indicates a wide and diverse circle of their customers, and we try to work out with great care every step of our interaction. It is worth noting that the company has a team of professionals of the highest level, regularly enriching their skills and having excellent deep knowledge of the product. And, among other things, these are extremely interesting and responsive people with whom it is easy and pleasant to communicate. We sincerely wish you good luck and look forward to further fruitful cooperation.

Alexander Zharov, owner of TopSmile dental clinics.

My acquaintance with the Affluence Concierge Club and personally with Mikhail Gusev is an acquaintance with an outstanding service that can, as they say, get stars from the sky. At the same time, gallantly, intelligently, with respect for himself and the clients. I am the owner of TopSmile dental clinics, we work with the discerning public and know what a quality, heart-warming service is. And using all kinds of services around the world, I am rarely satisfied, since a service is primarily work with what is not said out loud and the ability to read between lines. Affluence proved itself 100% and was able to solve such problems for me that none can solved. At the same time, there is no pathos or atmosphere of heavy luxury in actions of the Affluence team. Creative, honest, modern.

Yulia Zeldich, Owner of Season's Luxury Hotels Representing Company.

Affluence Concierge Club means high professionalism! We really appreciate our friendship and cooperation with Mikhail Gusev and his team: unconventional decisions, willingness to be flexible, comfort in communication and a very big responsibility for everything they undertake to do. Their work style is highly respected. I wish them the greatest success!

Olga Pleshakova, regional Sales Director, Aman Hotel Group.

A team of professionals, like-minded and creatively tuned people. Conducting a joint project with Affluence is always an exciting process that includes a clearly defined task, a quick response and a creative solution. In our cooperation, I especially appreciate the modern, unconventional approach, open mind to everything new and the level of culture. Always glad to joint projects and moving forward.

Ilze Makaronidu. Director of Sales - Europe, Russia & CIS, Velaa Private Island (Maldives).

Affluence Concierge Club specialise in luxury travel and are experts at what they do. The team is consistently professional and efficient, with superb attention to detail, which in turn enables us to offer a bespoke experience to their clients. Thank you for your loyal and professional support and we look forward to continuing our great partnership in the future.

Roman Fominok (Resolut1on), player of the eSports team Club member.

Affluence Concierge Club - real professionals. There was a need to find an apartment in Moscow, a base for the team, with a number of very specific and complex parameters, for a long term rental - guys not only quickly found a great option with a convenient location, but they were always ready to solve other important matters of the team players. I am satisfied and will recommend this service to my friends!

Sergey Petrov, CEO and co-owner of the Planet Electro group of companies. Club Member.

They constantly pave for us more and more travel routes from Yakutsk, whether it is a festival of martial art in Basel, fireworks in Cannes or classic children's vacations in Dubai. Everything is always reasonable, optimized and just cool!

Jesus Scott, Director of Sales hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo.

Traveling is an investment to your soul as it allows you to spend time with your beloved ones, at the same time you enrich your mind by visiting unique places in the world. Traveling with the help of an expert, is like using a financial advisor when investing. Affluence has what it takes to be a great travel advisor, not only because of the professionalism of their teams and the knowledge of the places they reccommend, but also because they know the right people at the destinations they send their valued travelers. Looking forward to welcoming all Affluence exclsuive clients in Monaco at the Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo and creating travel memories together.

Sergey Bykov. 2007 European Champion. Coach of the Russian National Basketball team.

During the collaboration, I have built up a great trust to Affluence in total and Mikhail in particular!

Carlos Seguí Huguet, Territorial Director of Commercial Development of the Teknon Medical Center (Spain).

Teknon Medical Center (Spain), awarded as the best international clinic according to IMTJ in 2019, is proud of its partnership with the Affluence Concierge Club. Collaboration allows us to provide the best medical care to those who trust us. Teknon Medical Center patients can be sure in attentive and professional service, both during their stay in the clinic and beyond. Affluence on their side provides travel planning assistance and follow-up support. Working together, we are fully committed to our customers and achieve the best results.

Daria Figurkina, publisher of SPEAR’S Russia.

Behind the word is business - easy and professional, creative and descent. All that matters.

Ivan Ivanovich Edeshko. Soviet basketball player. Merited Master of Sport of the USSR. Olympic champion in 1972, bronze medalist of the 1976 Olympic Games, world and European champion.

We are friends with Mikhail and I can say with confidence that everything, whatever he undertakes, whether it be a creation of a basketball club or a business project, has always been done in details and in a super professional way!

Irina Igoshina, the owner of the premium beauty salon “Your Story”.

Personal, partnership, professional relations - all on the highest level!

Daria Datsina, development Director at Seneshal Boutique Hotel.

We have long-standing friendship with Mikhail Gusev. His Concierge Club Affluence is a high level of service, reliability, punctuality, safety and decency. We sincerely value our cooperation, joint projects and fruitful work! We wish you more happy and satisfied clients!

Chairman of the Moscow Law Firm Karabanov and Partners, Candidate of Legal Sciences, Aleksandr Karabanov

One of my business rules is to deal only with the clients that I want to hug. In this regard, it is incredibly comfortable and efficient to work with the “A” team that treats the task as an entertainment quest. I am absolutely sure that Mikhail’s team can even get the moon on a stick. This attitude to work allows professional relationship to develop into great friendship.

Vashik Martirosyan. Collector, founder of Stargift.

The values of Stargift and Affluence and the companies’ shareholders are coincide, I would say they are identical. We are attentive and ravenous about the details and the product level. I don’t think that I should even comment any more about the level of synergy and partnership.