We genuinely believe that travel experiences stay with you forever. That's why we don't just handle the logistics of your trip – we strive to fill every moment of your vacation with unforgettable memories. We'll craft a unique itinerary for you, uncover the city's best restaurants, sometimes hidden from ordinary tourists' eyes, introduce you to the finest wineries, arrange a horseback or helicopter ride, find a nanny to care for your children while you enjoy the opera... Our team prioritizes your comfort, ensuring that during your journey, you won't have to worry about visas, transfers, reservations, flights, waiting lounges, table availability at a restaurant, or ticket availability for an evening concert. Affluence collaborates and builds partnerships with all renowned hotel chains and independent projects in the luxury segment worldwide. Moreover, we consistently make it a point to personally inspect hotels to be confident in the product we offer and to secure preferences for you. We guarantee the best booking prices, thus saving up to 15-20% of your budget.


Best booking conditions, detailed travel scenarios, unique locations, and 24/7 support.



Our prices are typically 15-20% lower than market rates, allowing you to significantly optimize your travel budget and offset the cost of membership.

Affluence Travel Concierge is a swift solution for passport and visa requests, flight bookings, travel itineraries, organizing transfers, and providing prompt assistance with changing plans. We take care of seating arrangements on flights, online check-ins, passport formality checks, loyalty card entries, QR code acquisition, VIP terminal arrangements, and business lounge reservations. We guarantee you the best price and will streamline your travel expenses to the maximum. The experiences of our clients clearly demonstrate that club membership, with regular use of our travel services, more than justifies its cost.



We cooperate and build partnership with all famous hotel chains and independent projects in the luxury segment in Russia and around the world, constantly committing ourselves to check the hotels personally more often in order to be sure of the product we offer to you and to be able to get preferences for you. For example, we quite often find accommodation option in Il San Pietro di Postiano (a part of Relais&Chateaux chain), which is almost always sold out and considered to be one of the best or even the best Mediterranean hotel according to us and our clients. We often find accommodation in high season where no one else can find it.


Villas, apartments and chalets

A rather complicated product, where we work only with specialized partners with a high reputation in the market. A number of our customers, as in the case of yachts, prefer that we personally visit properties in advance, evaluate, select the best offers from the market and arrange all the nuances of client's leisure in advance. For each of the offers, we provide customers with a maximum of information and feedbacks.



We know how to optimize any of the most complex routes! Whether it be regular flights or private aviation, or a combination of both. We will tell you where it is more reasonable to go by train or take a helicopter, and where it is worth to rent a car or a bike. May be it is better to fly one hour or one day earlier or later, or make a “round” ticket, or consider different aspects and possibilities associated with “miles” tickets? Optimize taxes when renting a yacht, design a detailed route with the captain, rent and deliver Seabob, prepare a menu, book marinas and restaurants, consider the possibility of refuelling of the board with "duty free" fuel, bargain and/or get a part of the brokerage fee as a discount or an additional day of charter, assess all the risks associated with the legislation of different countries within a specific charter? Just give us a task: the more difficult it is, the greater our professional excitement will be!