Starting a new project!

Starting a new project!

Starting a new project without changing the direction! All within the framework of the Criminal Code.

It is difficult to say where the area of concierge competencies begins and where it ends.

“Everything is within the framework of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation,” was my answer to the question of the hosts of «Improvisation» (on TNT Channel) when Affluence was presented with the Concierge Service of the Year award. The question was, if we get it, does it mean that there are no boundaries in competences.

Remembering the strong travel and lifestyle competencies that have been increasing without interruption for the third decade, about the collaboration within the framework of a medical concierge, a direction was approved and allocated - real estate. That naturally becomes a separate business headquartered in Dubai, but with competencies not only there, but also far beyond the borders of this city and the Emirates as a whole. In this project, I will also be the managing partner. Now we are working with partners and relevant specialists on branding and naming (the most creative and difficult part), which does not prevent us from simultaneously private deals and working on them. The concept will be quite unique for the market, but the main thing is quality, consistency, honesty, transparency. We always go all the way, because you know how many professionals in the service industry and, in particular, in real estate, who disappear or drastically change their involvement after the closing of the transaction, as if they cannot hide from shame after a casual romantic connection. This is just a joke, but it highlights a problem in our industry as a whole. In general, soon with an announcement, and unique lots and those that are not on the open market already have a portfolio, including in New York and Istanbul, where I visited in July.

As part of the trips, of course, intersections of projects cannot be avoided, but they complement each other, because knowing the location as a whole is better than knowing only real estate objects, and you can’t avoid staying in hotels and visiting restaurants in search of the best. As well as meeting clients and friends, one of the best flower shops in Beverly Hills belongs to our friends. Our client and my friend Andrey Iskornev opened a branch of his Platinental clinic, which needs no introduction, like him, in Los Angeles, in Beverly Hills.

July hotels:

- Seneschal (Moscow region)

- Los Angeles: Peninsula, Four Seasons Beverly Wiltshire (where Pretty Woman was filmed), Beverly Hills and Bel Air (both Dorchester collections), Maybourne, Waldorf Astoria.

- New York: 1 hotel Central Park, St Regis, Peninsula, Equinox, Lotte, Aman, Baccarat, The Carlyle (Rosewood), Fouquet's.

- Essentuki: Istok, Pontos Plaza.

- Istanbul: Four Seasons Bosphorus, Peninsula.

There are many restaurants, observations and new contacts, and many contracts, there are many cases for July, and right now we are close to a very important and unique case - initially impossible (somewhere in the world) for one of you.

Three vivid personal memories (let this become a permanent rubric):

- Hotels: Beverly Hills, Aman New York, The Carlyle (Rosewod New York), Istok Sanatorium and separately doctors and each employee who have already become family members for a number of you, and for my family.

- Restaurants: The IVY, Nobu (both Los Angeles), Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse, bar at the Baccarat Hotel (both New York).

- Events, places: a concert of the legendary and brilliant John Williams (91 years old) in the no less unique and legendary Hollywood Bowl (thanks to Andrey Iskornev for the invitation). Visit MoMA New York.

August plans:

Real estate and hotels in the Antalya region (most likely we will update the only hotel where we have not been - Cullinan), Izmir, Bodrum, Kaplankaya.​