Transit to November

Transit to November

October has become the transit of September to November! 44 days of continuous #affluence_expedition, which will eventually end in 55 days with a week break, and in fact, it has not ended for almost 4 years!

What did we manage to do:

- Intercontinental Maldives is the most expensive and best brand hotel in the world, which is not obvious to many of us, but a fact.

- Four Seasons Jumeirah and Mandarin Oriental Bosphorus Istanbul are two projects of the same design bureau; each is a key super yacht for its guests.

- Ajwa Istanbul and Cappadocia - there are no more unique products from those that we know, and especially the last one!

- Within the framework of Istanbul, we also lived and inspected Kempinski, which has perhaps the best location on the Bosphorus and has now entered the renovation stage! We are waiting for the triumphant return of the legend!

- Both within Istanbul and within Cappadocia, we have approached 95% of personal experience and knowledge of locations. In Cappadocia, we also managed to live in the unique Argos project (you will understand a lot, knowing that the owners are the same as D-Maris and D-Gocek), see the Museum and Ariana, as well as 6 more hotels in the region, all the sights and, of course, fly balloons.

- Within the framework of Istanbul and the actual sales, our expertise has already reached 14 real estate objects.

- As for Dubai, we also lived in Address Beach, Address Fountain View, visited the opening of the enchanting Eden project (Vasilchuk) with a unique concept and view of the Burj Khalifa, and also gained more knowledge of real estate, we’ve made several cool cases for the purchase of sought-after and rare cars.

- We have lived and inspected Parklane and Cap St George in Cyprus and were amazed by the transformation of the first and the unique features of the second project.

There are a number of projects related to citizenship and similar programs.

The plans for tomorrow are the Antalya coast, then Dubai, Sadiyat, Istanbul, Belgrade and London again, and any location where your case will lead!

Be healthy and thank you for the fact that we have each other!