The most eventful summer in the club's history.

The most eventful summer in the club's history.


June is a record-breaking month in terms of member activity, even considering all the travel challenges! Greece, Turkey, Italy, France, Monaco, Emirates, Maldives, St. Petersburg (hi Forum and White Nights!), yachts in Turkey (and buying top-end real estate there too), in Spain and on Lazurka, private boards in Europe and not just Europe, birthdays in Moscow, rings, bracelets, watches, car delivery, American and other visas and much more! It's all mixed up and entwined. 

Thank you for being there for each other and first of all for your loyalty! 

What did we manage to achieve in June? Another inspection and stay at our much-loved Lotte in St. Petersburg where, as you know, we have the best accommodations. Inspections and stays at D-Gocek and D-Maris (fabulous!) and a number of yachts, including those eventually signed! 

What's coming up in July? Inspections and stays at Wawelberg and Dom hotels in St. Petersburg, inspections of a number of restaurants and boats. Naples, Capri, Amalfi, Rome, Kislovodsk and Essentuki. 

So happy that the medical concierge is on sale and "paid off" after the travel concierge the year before. 

Deepest gratitude to each of you and the club's team! 

Be well!


July was full of experiences. 

We gained first-hand experience with the successful case of applying for a U.S. visa in Naples. We helped you deliver some luxury and over-the-top cars. We were able to complete many of the club's member trips across an extensive geography. We reviewed and updated our expertise of hotels in Naples, Rome, and St. Petersburg (Wawelberg in the latter is particularly noteworthy). Oh, yes, we have issued a lot of Schengen visas. And signed a number of yacht charters! Among Moscow's restaurants I'd mention Folk and Loona, and among St. Petersburg's – Sea Signora and the terrace on the roof of the Lotte Hotel. Right now I am in the amazing Istok recreation center, where on 5 September a new building will be opened and it will make it even more fabulous among its competitors! A news has just came through: Aeroflot has approved its schedule of direct flights to Male and Phuket until the end of March and it is strongly advised to hurry up now! As for the plans for the next two months: more St. Petersburg, Bodrum, Istanbul, Casablanca and Marrakech and the 4th expedition in two years to the Maldives. This tropical state in the Indian Ocean has just celebrated its Independence Day! We are also preparing to launch a media project that I'm sure will be very interesting and useful for you!


August was super busy and in many ways a record! We have grown as the team - this is important both in terms of strategy and in terms of the resulting service to our club members! We have made a couple of unique cases: delivering documents to perhaps the most inaccessible place, arranging a unique wedding service at the request of partners in St. Petersburg from Moscow, and logistically challenging deliveries from New York. Affluence has got several yacht charters. 

Cases regarding gifts, watches, and jewelry! Two Rolls Royces! Lots of Bodrum, Maldives, Cote d'Azur, Israel, Italy, Morocco, our favorite and top spa & recreation centers! Equipping a country house with appliances and finding a housekeeper! Schengen and U.S. visas! Refill your wine collections and wine as a gift! A series of concerts abroad! 

Thank you for all of this!!! 

Summing it all up, I'm actually pretty amazed! 

Where were we and what did we do as part of #affluence_expedition?

-Bodrum is a new experience for me every time. I like the abundance of different concepts, such as Akana, Caja by Maxx Royal, Bodrum Loft, Mett, Ritz Carlton Recidence, momo beach club. As for the new restaurants, I would like to mention the Italian Isola, which was great, both in its interior and presentation, as well as in its cuisine. Unfortunately, some of the established names with rather upscale prices, both among restaurants and hotels, have fallen off badly in the quality of service, and in the case of restaurants, in the quality of cuisine as well. 

Bodrum continues to expand and develop, we are also waiting for Four Seasons and Bvlgari and Maxx Royal, but in the end it will not be the brand, but the service, which is now the key (thank God, not widespread) problem of the region. 

This time I stayed in an impeccable for me and some fans from the Amanruya Club members, as well as in a very new, interesting and still developing hotel Mett, the first project of sunset hospitality, and soon we will see their projects in Marbella and Mykonos. 

Speaking of Aman and Doronin's fantastic life style concept, besides the hotel aspect, there are also residences. Our Club Concierges will be happy to advise you on purchasing Aman Residence properties in Phuket, Bangkok, Peloponnese, New York and other locations!

- St. Pete. I can't say any more nice words about Lotte and Grand Hotel Europe, except that in the latter I tasted 5 o'clock tea from imperial porcelain on handmade tablecloths for the first time in my life and it's worth your stop at the hotel, or at least a visit to a tea party! Among the new restaurant openings in St. Petersburg, I really liked Trattoria Marso Polo (I do not know if it is correct to call it the younger sister of Sea Signora, but the owners are the same, and the cuisine is Italian). We have selected the best and highest roof in St. Petersburg for a photo shoot, and the best photographer! Yours truly got cold feet and later got excited, and this photo shoot was the most exciting, dangerous, and memorable one in my entire life. Tested - I recommend it! 

⁃ In Leningrad Region we visited WeLogge and Okhta Park. There are so many impressions, video reviews, and details that I don't want to retell it and turn the introduction into a novella. 

What can we expect in September as part of the expeditions that have been approved so far?

Istanbul and Four Seasons Sultanahmet, Raffles and a number of other locations that have just opened after a long renovation. 

Maldives and their hotels : Four Seasons Kuda Huura after a renovation, Recidence, Ozen Bolifushi and the newest Alila project.  Cappadocia and a couple of other locations are in the process of approval.