#AffluenceExpedition to Altay inspired a number of innovations, new expeditions, as well as Greek hospitality and generosity.

#AffluenceExpedition to Altay inspired a number of innovations, new expeditions, as well as Greek hospitality and generosity.

Boundaries of the world and their openness are, as a rule, determined by the openness of each of us to something new, by our environment and our trusted consultants competent in this issue, as well as by intuition. The world is open now, and I bet that each of us has something to discover in today's reality! Getting intuition and knowing that cool and very experienced travelers, in trips of whose I have shared and sometimes share my professional efforts and knowledge, and the choice of whose I respect very much, are the fans of Altay having sufficient direction experience and expert assessment, and have brought me to Altay as a part of #AffluenceExpedition. The irony of it is that I met them at a restaurant in one of the Altay hotels at dinner-time, by chance, and it was a wonderful meeting, busy, of course, including with discussions about the region! I take this chance to send warm hello to them! Being on the plane, I came up with an idea to make a note about hotels in the Almanac (received by the club members) that have been checked out and inspected by the club individually, as well as assign them with an internal rating, where the highest rating point is 6 stars implying a unique experience and complete satisfaction (your concierge will tell you more about each object), 5 stars - one of the best hotels in the region or a certain location (we also assess aspects connected with the current development plans of the hotel, their degree of completion and the feasibility of implementation), 4 stars - a recommended hotel with a number of recommendations to club members that are worth paying attention to. At the same time, 5 and 4 stars can also be contiguous in a number of points, as well as they can have different specifics and orientation and but still be located in the same region, such as Klever Resort and Altay Resort. It can also happen that the best hotel in the region will have 4* being the only recommendation, for example, Azimut Hotel in Yakutsk. According to my experience, members of the club do not consider accommodation in hotels below 4 stars, and, mostly, we also do not spend time on them, but this does not apply to accommodation for staff, event planners, airport hotels and transit zone hotels and other necessary and important locations. If we are talking about three best hotels in the Altay Republic, then they are: Altay Village Teletskoe (6*), Klever Resort (5*), Altay Resort (4*) (contiguous with 5* option).

Among coming approved expeditions: April, Moscow: Metropol Hotel, Lotte Hotel.

End of April - beginning of May (Cyprus is open!!!): Anassa, Amara, Four Seasons, Amathus, Parklane. May 11-25: Maldives and hotels: - Velaa - Soneva Fushi- Soneva Jani- Joali - Waldorf Astoria - Nautilus

The news about Greece is already joyful and is about to be very real and welcome, and anticipating it, we provide club members with a 20% discount for Concierge subscription and 15% for Travel Concierge subscription when booking and paying for our villa in Mykonos for any available date in the 2021 season! We also have the most loyal cancellation system under current force majeure situation. Based on the demand and frequent requests, we are introducing a new type of subscription - Travel Concierge, details are available in the Travel Concierge section. Be healthy and travel a lot! Make various discoveries and let's do it, as usual, together!

Mikhail Gusev, Club Managing Partner.