A year that gave us invaluable experience.

A year that gave us invaluable experience.

A year that has expanded our vocabulary and has given us new mandatory clothing items and experiences will end soon.

It is pleasing that this year has preserved and increased the number of club members. In its turn, the club extended the subscription for the period of the pandemic, while our work and requests did not stop. 2020 is a year of unique cases! The difficulty was to the limit, but you all know that the more difficult the task is, the more enthusiastic we are about performing it. If we could share our cases, it would be a hard-boiled thriller with a happy-end. I thank the club team for all of this!

In 2020, we started our cooperation with such companies as Ingosstrakh Exclusive, Mercedes-Benz LUKAVTO, SBER private, CITI-gold (Citi Bank), Stargift and others! We broke our own sales records in the Maldives, Dubai and Bodrum and increased sales in Russia!

Despite everything, we went on flying, inspecting hotels and restaurants, entering into contracts, participating in all prestigious world exhibitions, although online.

None of this would have happened if not for your loyalty and our desire to develop and to support.

Last night, thinking about my wishes for you for the New Year from me and my team, I realized that these lines would also become our common motto for years to come and an extra slogan of our club:

We wish you all Happy Holidays!

 Let the world wake up and inspire you again, giving freedom to your dreams and travelling!

Mikhail Gusev and "Affluence Team”

“Privacy has one attorney".