2022 Results and plans on 2023

2022 Results and plans on 2023

In December, we flew a lot as part of the #affluence_expedition, saw Christmas trees in Dubai and Sadiyat, celebrated Catholic Christmas as the participant of the Maxx Royal Awards 2022 in Belek, managed to enjoy the mood of the holiday and enjoy the Christmas trees in wonderful locations in the vicinity of Paris and raise glasses with Ritz champagne in the legendary hotel of the same name on Concord Square in Paris.

We have been, are and will be everywhere within the framework of your requests and potential interests, within the framework of only that detailed and personal expertise, which in many ways is logical for you, one of the main arguments to be a member of the club, which in turn is a fundamental incentive for us to continue developing and maintaining competencies.

As for Dubai, I lived there for a month and our local expertise in various aspects of the industry has become even stronger.

In the coming year, we will continue to increase our expertise and presence not only in Dubai, but also in other emirates, as well as Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and Saudi Arabia.

We have big plans for the expansion of our expertise. The previously announced plans and aspirations for the opening of the Dubai and Turkish divisions remain relevant. In the past 2022, we have made great progress, thanks to you and your requests within the real estate of Cyprus, Dubai and Turkey, we plan to improve in this direction and make it full-scale, with a number of interesting and probably innovative ideas, and, of course, not limited to directions. We are thinking of a new real-estate digest among those we already have at the moment.

In January, we will be back at the Istok sanatorium (Essentuki) and inspected a new building, which has recently opened (and there were no places available, but not everything is hopeless if you are with us). We will be in a number of locations in Europe and Turkey as part of the #affluence_expedition, as well as there, and where we will additionally be "brought in" as part of your cases.

Thank you! Good health!