September was very eventful!

September was very eventful!

As custom has it, September was very eventful. We have increased our expertise in the matters of citizenship and relocation, having studied the real estate market in Istanbul and Bodrum, among other things, and we will continue to do so in coming days. We will also add Dubai to the next #affluence_expedition. As you remember and know, we gained expertise there in May and closed a number of cases in real estate. Traditionally, we will not forget the hotel and restaurant part and will additionally explore Saadiyat, which we visited in May.
We are planning to open Affluence Dubai and/or Affluence Istanbul, which, in addition to physical presence, will provide you with additional expertise and payment convenience.
As a part of #affluence_expedition in September, we visited:
1. Grand Hotel Zvezda Tver.
2. We got a lot of positive emotions and esthetic pleasure from the Villa spa at the Seneshal Hotel. This is my personal recommendation for a reboot, a romantic occasion and self-care.
3. Istanbul: Raffles, Four Seasons Sultanahmet (recently opened after renovation), Soffitel Taksim. Dozens of real estate properties in the European and Asian parts of the city.
4. Maldives: Résidence, Ozen Bolifushi, Four Seasons Kuda Huraa, Alila (opened 4 months ago), Vakkaru, Amila.

Insiders’ information:
A golden triangle will soon be created in the Maldives. It will consist of the third Four Seasons, Velaa and Cheval Blanc. An amazing team of five.

Soneva Secret is already under construction, but there are no announcements. 14-15 villas, where one can use a remote control to be on the dawn side or on the sunset side. 55 minutes from Male. Domestic? No, the owners have improved the seaplane that will fly to the hotel. Cost of accommodation from 10000$ per night.

New routes:

Aeroflot announced the resumption of daily flights to Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh from October 1. The national carrier will also resume flights to Dubai from October 1, to Colombo from October 9, from October 30 - to Bangkok, and from November 2 - to Goa.

Plans for October:
1. Intercontinental and, most likely, St.Regis (Maldives).
2. Istanbul. New real estate, relocation matters, opening of companies, residence permits / citizenship. New inspections of hotels and restaurants.
3. Dubai according to the Istanbul scenario.
4. Cappadocia.
5. Emerald Forest and Seehof Mansion (vicinities of Moscow).