Compared to Summer-2020, this summer has brought to Affluence and club members many travels

Compared to Summer-2020, this summer has brought to Affluence and club members many travels

Compared to the Summer-2020, this summer has brought to Affluence and the club members many travels, a vast amount of yacht charters and increase of interest in them. According to the club’s team, the interest in the purchase of gifts and luxury goods has increased by 20-25 percent. We observe the growing interest towards the “immigration and auxiliary opportunities”: we have consecrated a separate digest to this topic. Another significant marker of the world’s, as well as tourism and concierge services industries’ revival is the steady growth in the number of the club members. The first Astoria golf tournament is to take place on 17-19 September in our favourite city of Saint Petersburg. This is the joint project of one of the best hotels of the Northern Capital and the “Strawberry fields” golf club, in which Affluence takes part as a partner and sponsor.

In October, we participate in the IT-forum on Cyprus. We have as well decided to make a short special edition of our digest: a review of the upcoming events in this industry.

One of the openings in Moscow that you cannot miss after having returned from vacation is the one of the Gvidon restaurant (WRF). Boris Zarkov and his team are doing great; their projects are among the most popular with the club members both in Moscow and in Bodrum! We expect them to conquer the Northern Capital as well! In Istanbul, on the Bosporus, the Mandarin Oriental had finally opened, where we definitely plan to pay a visit in the next to two months, and even there, there was no way to miss a Russian cuisine spot: the Novikov restaurant and bar! Aren’t September and October the best months to take a break for 4-5 days to stay right in Mandarin Oriental and match it with a trip to Cappadocia? I’m sure my colleagues have a dozen ideas more, but, as people say, you’ll discuss it in private, as usual. The world is not yet open comfortably enough, and my advice stays the same: it is best to plan your trips in advance, to say the least, in the matter of tickets for September, October, and November (Cyprus, Seychelles, Maldives, Thailand, if you are vaccinated with Sputnik or other approved vaccines; Dubai and other directions), not to mention the New Year and even March 2022! In some of the popular hotels, the double rooms are already fully booked, and even the singles are sold out in others up until March. Planning your vacation right now with your travel concierge, you are guaranteed to get the reasonably priced tickets and the hotel that most probably will turn out to be a decent one.

As always, a brief recap of the club assets:

In Villa Artisti Mykonos, there are still some slots for booking for September and October. There are even some slots booked for the next year, and we thank you for this.

Three of our apartments at 15, Noviy Arbat Street, are also available. The first club clients to have stayed there in August were very pleased. Their complete presentation will take place in a few days (we are waiting for the pictures of one of the apartments from our photographer), and we will present it to you.

The best booking prices for any of the club’s assets are available only to the club members!

Among the upcoming club expeditions are:

- Saint Petersburg

- Maldives (Velaa, Waldorf Astoria, Ritz Carlton, Patina)

- Cyprus and the new inspection of the Amara hotel + stay in and inspection of the Amathus hotel + one mountain location.

- Dubai (the program is being made up)

- Istanbul

- Cannes and Monaco

- the USA (the program is being made up)

- London (to be confirmed)

Most importantly, be well and thank you for being with us!