Our professional world is in full swing and is moving forward

Our professional world is in full swing and is moving forward

Our professional world is in full swing and is moving forward. We all have adapted to the long-drawn realities of the new time but the main thing is that no one can take away the summer from us! Over the past month, as part of #Affluence_Expedition, I visited Kazan with a business trip, the Rodniki Hotel in the Vladimir Region and Sergiev Posad, the Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow, lived in the wonderful Grand Hotel Europe and inspected the new Wawelberg Hotel in Saint Petersburg, Kislovodsk, and a new and potentially very bright point on the MediSpa map of Russia – the Mayrveda Hotel! As always, I describe everything in detail in my Instagram account @affluence.pro. Kazan has been transformed beyond recognition since my last visit, which I must admit was a very long time ago. The Luciano Hotel is being closed for renovation and will become even better very soon, both Tasigo hotels deserve attention, and the Hilton is perfect for short corporate trips. I liked the cuisine in the Pir restaurant and I advise you to pay attention to its bathing complex, which many experts call one of the best in Russia. I also advise you to pay attention to the Branch restaurant! I will return to a more expanded inspection of Tatarstan in July. My colleagues and I are ready to tell you about each location and all ins and outs personally, I am ready to advise each of the above-mentioned ones. And, of course, the best conditions are only for club members! By the way, I came from Kazan with three new club members. Over the past month, four more people became members of the club on your advice and another subscription was presented by an Affluence member to his friend. Thank you for this! At the moment, my colleagues are on a business trip to Mykonos and share their enthusiastic reviews. Meanwhile, there are fewer and fewer free slots for the season and this is good news. I am sure you know about the discount for club members! A new option is available now for club members – you can get into a movie: either personally or by mentioning your business, I will be delighted to tell you about it in person. In addition, you get a certificate with a nominal value of 100,000 rubles as a gift for each of you from a member of our club, well-known lawyer Aleksandr Karabanov, for the services of his law firm, the certificate is valid till September 30.

Some of the nearest expeditions:

- Tatarstan

- Nizhny Novgorod

- Kaliningrad and Yantarny

- Maldives

- Dubai

Stay healthy!

Sincerely yours,
Club Managing Partner
Mikhail Gusev